Individuals & Families

Whether you are on your own, getting married, starting a family or heading into retirement Dental Care Advantage can make taking care of your smile easy and affordable.

Our Discount Dental Plans:

Dental Care Advantage saves members 15% to 55% on most of their dental services and is available to an individual, individual plus one dependent, or a family of any size as long as all members of the family live in the same household. Also included at no extra charge is our vision, prescription drug, chiropractic and hearing discount programs.

Dental Care Advantage – Senior provides members age 55 and older the same savings as the Dental Care Advantage program. It is available to individual seniors or a senior couple. Also included at no additional charge is our vision, chiropractic and hearing discount programs.

OrthoCare is a stand alone orthodontic discount program. It includes discounted fees for both adults and children on orthodontic treatment (braces). There are no waiting periods, no deductibles and no claim forms. Members save 5% to 15% on most orthodontic treatment received from an OrthoCare provider.

The Member is responsible to pay all fees directly to the OrthoCare provider for services they receive. The Program does not make payments directly to the provider. This is not insurance. The OrthoCare dental program can be offered as an addition to an existing PPO or indemnity dental plan that does not offer orthodontic benefits.

Discounts vary by office/dentist.

For Rates and to Find A Provider in Your Area click here.

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